La vita è tornata

Facendo una passeggiata ieri sono passata davanti a una casa da tempo abbandonata e l’ho vista ricoperta di glicine. E’ stata una sorpresa fantastica, una celebrazione della vita

Torna la vita
e canta là dov’un dì
parea perduta

I was walking yesterday when I went past a long-abandoned house. I saw it was covered with wisteria and that was such a lovely surprise, a celebration of life:

Life has come back where
it had disappeared and sings
on old ruined walls

77 thoughts on “La vita è tornata

  1. Oh! That is a lovely find. Wisteria is a beautiful plant in general, but there’s something even more enchanting about it when it takes up residence in or on a space that is vacant or in a state of disrepair.

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  2. Luisa ! Your eyes observe things which even poets generally describe enormously without seeing and knowing much about them . Wisteria is a flowering plants of legume family . Ten species of this flower plants prevail all over the world . And they were scattered in the counties like China , Japan , Korea , Vietnam , Canada , US and Iran from where they reached France , Germany , Italy and other various countries of Europe . But your subtle eyes found it on the ruin wall of a lonely house . And you presumed that life had come there . You appear to be quite right . Flower symbolizes life more and death less . As we use flowers life long but in case of death they are used once . And your crafty thought process realized that . Thanks !

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    1. Your kind comment, which also added botanical information about this wonderful plant, filled me with joy… not to mention the appreciation for my feelings in front of that vision.
      Thank you from the bottom of my heart


  3. The flowers on a Wisteria hang down from its branches for just a short time, and yet finds home on a building that has been left hanging around for years. Your observations are very much like mine Luisa.

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  4. Adoro il glicine come tiore e anche come profumo ❤ In questo caso si può comprendere bene come tutto è ciclico e la natura c3 lo insegna sempre, basta semplicemente osservarla❣❣❣

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  5. Sempre fantastica Luisa, che bella immagine di felicità hai trasmesso, scrivendo che la vita è tornata. Speriamo torni sempre.
    Un grande abbraccio 🤗 ❤️🥰👋

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